You're Trying a Bit Too Hard There, Dave

I never read much of Dave Weigel's stuff before he got the boot from the Washington Post, and now that he's guest-blogging for Sully I remember why.

Take this post, for instance. The headline is a grabber: "Not even Robert Byrd's seat is safe". Wow! Really? And yet, when you read it... the post indicates nothing of the sort. If anything, it points at the opposite - that Manchin shouldn't have any problems winning the seat, because the Pubs got nothin' on him and are grasping for any little thing they can latch onto. Even Weigel says their latest effort is "gruel so thin Oliver wouldn't even ask for more of it", and that "no one wants to run against him."

And yet somehow, in the headline, that all translates to a vulnerable seat for the Dems.

Maybe the Post knew what it was doing when they used a convenient, if flimsy, excuse to give him the boot.

UPDATE: I see I'm not the only one less than impressed with Weigel's efforts so far.

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