Hobbit Casting Rumor Season Is a Go!

Martin Freeman appears to be set as Bilbo, which gets a big thumb's up from me. And I didn't even like the movie version of Hitchhiker's.

The other names also floating around as potential cast members, though, are a bit more interesting. In order of geeky magnitude:

- David Tennant (everyone but me's favorite new-school Dr Who). The only part he would make sense for, to me, is that of Elvenking Thrunduil, ruler of the wood elves of Mirkwood -- and Legolas' dad.

- Michael Fassbender (the British spy from Inglorious Basterds). I can see him best as Bard, but Beorn could also be a possibility...

- ...except that Jekyll star Jimmy Nesbitt is also on the list, and if he isn't born to play a werebear I dunno who is. I guess you could shrink him down to dwarf size too, but that seems a waste.

Fox News Admits They Aren't a News Organization, And Are Incompetent To Boot

So Robin Carnahan has submitted a motion to dismiss the Fox News suit against her for copyright violation, based on an attack ad she ran against her Senate opponent Roy Blunt that used clips from a Chris Wallace interview.

Carnahan's camp is presenting two really awesome arguments:

1) Fox didn't bother to copyright the footage until after they'd filed the lawsuit.

2) The Fox footage itself contains public domain footage from C-Span, and is thus uncopyrightable.

So Fox isn't just being blatantly partisan, they're being incompetently blatantly partisan. Fantastic.