I Think I Need to Sing Tonight

I shouldn't. I have some writing to do. But I also have thoughts in my head, prompted by the release of these... nightmares, that I think I need to let my brain sort through.

I know that I need to do something. Some of the thoughts floating to the surface are rather extreme. I may end up asking one or two people for advice on what that something should be. But I can't sit on the sidelines and passively take what comes.

While I percolate, though, I need a distraction. So that Gladstone visit I almost talked myself into last week will likely happen tonight.

The Drama You've Been Craving

So tonight was the final night of karaoke at Reilly's, as the bar is closing after its abortive relaunch.

Because the universe loves cliches, a bar fight broke out (over a poker game no less) and the place shut down early.

Having listened to a few accounts, here's how I think the final hand went down:

Drunken Dickwad #1 holds A2. Drunken Dickwad #2 holds AJ.

The flop is all rags, including a deuce. One of the dickwads pushed all-in and the other one calls. Turn is a blank, river is a jack.

Drunken Dickwad #1 reaches for the pot. Drunken Dickwad #2 grabs Drunken Dickwad #1's hand (his real fleshy hand, not his cards) and wrenches back one of his fingers. Play resumes, and by 'play' I mean 'further idiocy'.

Can't imagine why I never sat in on one of those games in all the times I was there.


I should be on my way to Neu+ral right about now, but I'm feeling decidedly unsociable. I'm supposed to be doing the whole chess match/One Night in Bangkok thing tonight too.

Gosh, I'd better go, or people will think I'm chicken!


My Atrios Impression

Deep Thought

If Republicans think "union" is a scary word, and "soviet" is a scary word, and "socialist" is a scary word, why don't Republicans think "republic" is a scary word?

This has been another Famous Blogger Impression.

Note From Last Night

Almost forgot: the Karaoke Council of Elders has determined that Journey is out, and Styx is in. That means good-bye Don't Stop Believing, and hello Come Sail Away.

And/or Mr. Roboto.

And/or Babe.

The Council's decision is final. Thank you for your compliance.


Obama stiffs the Nationals and doesn't throw out the first pitch at their home opener today.

We all know Commies, Muslims and terrorists hate baseball, so seeing his Nigerian/Indonesian/Merovingian birth certificate would just be redundant at this point.


Susan Boyle is the new patron saint of karaoke singers.

Speaking of Home Runs

Jesse Taylor over at Pandagon put up this gem last week.

I think it's a little deeper than Republicans just crying 'socialist' too often though. Part of the problem is that 'socialist' just isn't that scary a concept. Maybe it's because I live in the Worker's Paradise that is the Great Frozen North, but I personally don't find socialists all that terrifying.

Imagine if Glenn Back had been attacked by a poodle as a child, and was poodlophobic. To Glenn Beck, nothing could more horrible than a small, white dog with a pom-pom hair cut. But if he ran around calling the president a poodle, he'd be laughed off the air.

Well, socialists are the political equivalent of poodles. They can be yappy and sometimes make a mess if they aren't house-broken, but really that's about it. Annoying, sure, but scary? I don't get it.

Amurca Swings Like a Pendulum Do

John Cole over at Balloon Juice hits it out of the park with this one.

I think what we're seeing is the left starting to try to flag on for size to see if it fits. For decades now in American public discourse the standard formula was Republican = patriotic he-man, Democrat = anti-American effete DFH. Starting with Limbaugh's "I hope he fails" shtick straight through to the recent piratey "crisis", though, the roles seem to have switched. Now it's the right who are being portrayed, tentatively, as the ones who hate America, which forces the left into the "Rah-rah USA! We totally rule!" role.

Neither side seems particularly comfortable yet with their new pose, so we'll have to see how it goes.


So last night's expected packed house didn't materialize, and as a result I think I set a personal record for most songs in a night (as you can see by the list explosion over there to the left.)

Keeping an actual list is making me realize how whitely I've been singing recently. No Prince, no soul, no funky-ass shit at all. I'll have to do something about that.

Anybody Know Any Songs About Bunnies?

On my way to the Rivoli for the sure-to-be-packed Easter long weekend KAK.

I've pretty much done the holiday-themed set (Personal Jesus, My Sacrifice, etc. etc.) to death (*cough*) in previous years, so I dunno what I'm-a gonna sing. But then, that's nothing new.