Speaking of Home Runs

Jesse Taylor over at Pandagon put up this gem last week.

I think it's a little deeper than Republicans just crying 'socialist' too often though. Part of the problem is that 'socialist' just isn't that scary a concept. Maybe it's because I live in the Worker's Paradise that is the Great Frozen North, but I personally don't find socialists all that terrifying.

Imagine if Glenn Back had been attacked by a poodle as a child, and was poodlophobic. To Glenn Beck, nothing could more horrible than a small, white dog with a pom-pom hair cut. But if he ran around calling the president a poodle, he'd be laughed off the air.

Well, socialists are the political equivalent of poodles. They can be yappy and sometimes make a mess if they aren't house-broken, but really that's about it. Annoying, sure, but scary? I don't get it.

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