The Drama You've Been Craving

So tonight was the final night of karaoke at Reilly's, as the bar is closing after its abortive relaunch.

Because the universe loves cliches, a bar fight broke out (over a poker game no less) and the place shut down early.

Having listened to a few accounts, here's how I think the final hand went down:

Drunken Dickwad #1 holds A2. Drunken Dickwad #2 holds AJ.

The flop is all rags, including a deuce. One of the dickwads pushed all-in and the other one calls. Turn is a blank, river is a jack.

Drunken Dickwad #1 reaches for the pot. Drunken Dickwad #2 grabs Drunken Dickwad #1's hand (his real fleshy hand, not his cards) and wrenches back one of his fingers. Play resumes, and by 'play' I mean 'further idiocy'.

Can't imagine why I never sat in on one of those games in all the times I was there.

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