Definition of 'Running Good'

Had a roller coaster tourney on Full Tilt tonight. At one point I was forced to push all-in with king-five off from under the gun (had about four big blinds left). I got called by pocket 10s and pocket aces... and promptly flopped two pair.

I went on to win the tourney.

A Desperate Cry For Help

Even on nights when I have no intention of going out to karaoke, I end up going out to karaoke.

I now eagerly await the day I will get to star in the lamest episode of Intervention ever. Maybe I'll get paired with some Japanese girl addicted to Hello Kitty merchandise.


Saw Ponyo earlier today. It's tremendously stupendous, as all Miyazaki films are, but it might be the most "young kid"-friendly movie he's made since Totoro.

Of course every Miyazaki, with the exception of Porco Rosso (which is still great but is way more "adult" than his other movies) , brings out a sense of child-like wonder in me, but Ponyo seems explicitly aimed at a younger audience than, say, Mononoke or Spirited Away were.


There's some pretty amazing fallout from the Ninth Circuit's hearing of an appeal on the baseball drug testing case.

To me, the majority opinion reads like a giant middle finger extended in the government's direction. This isn't just smacking the government's hand after it's caught in the cookie jar; this is cutting that hand off, and then sealing the jar in a block of cement and hiding it in an underground bunker. It's a massive rejection of cowboy-style law enforcement when it comes to digital information.

The chances of it surviving an appeal to the Roberts Supreme Court seem about nil to me, but at least someone in the judicial branch is pushing back.

Endangered No More

He didn't hang on long enough to see health care reform happen, but at least Teddy saw his political species make a miraculous comeback.

Proof of God's Existence

Lily Cole.

Now, if you're wondering what led me to this conclusion, well... I can't really talk about it. Yet.


Gobsmacked. Definition: a word invented to describe your reaction upon seeing District 9.

It is the greatest science fiction film ever made.

I'm not kidding.