Speaking Truth to RAWK POWER

The clock is ticking, bitches. Public opinion is beginning to shift.

Never doubt the inescapable influence of the KCE.

Bad Habits

I'm all for making fun of teh stoopid, but it kind of takes the fun out of it when teh stoopid person in question goes ahead and fesses up to their stupidity first and apologizes for it... and then you mock them anyway.

I realize that mocking teh stoopid is the only reason Sadly No! exists, but sometimes you gotta know when to fold 'em.

Ugh. I just linked to the Moonie Times. I feel dirty.

I'm in Shock

4th and Long is actually compelling TV.

I think the clincher for me is one of the things that got me hooked on the American So You Think You Can Dance? last season (which, in my mind, was probably the greatest season in reality TV history): there's no real pot of gold at the end of this. None of these guys are going to be stars in the NFL; hell, whoever wins might not even make it off the practice squad.

These guys are out there because they're football players, and they want to play on the biggest stage they can.

Last Night

Four hour wait between songs. Sigh. Pretty sure that's a new record.

I appreciate that it was busy, but that's a really tough justification to buy when you see someone else go up three times in those four hours.

I think there might be more Swan and Firkin-ing in my future on Sundays, at least on nights when I expect the Riv to be packed.

The Notre Dame Speech

Bastard did it to me again. He made me cry.

I realize that there's another mindset I can't wrap my head around, and it's the one that rejects Obama's empathy and intellect.

Look, I appreciate it if someone disagrees with his policies for sound philosophical reasons. But those who dismiss him as 'the teleprompter', or see speeches like this one as some kind of fraud... I can't see that as anything but willful blindness.

I listen to the man's words and they make me want to be a better American. They make me want to be a better human being.

Anyone who listens to thse same words and can only muster a sneer is cheating themselves.

Sully Misses the Point

Sullivan has been heading these quotes 'How Travel Narrows the Mind', but as the David Foster Wallace and GK Chesterton quotes make explicit (and is implicit in the Emerson) it's not travel that's the issue, it's tourism.

When you go to a place with something to do, you do that thing, and by doing so you have immersed yourself in that place. When you go to a place with nothing to do, but go merely to spectate, you run the risk of turning that place into your personal zoo, and end up demeaning both yourself and those on the other side of the bars.