TIFF Has Lost Its Mind

So the Opening Night Gala for this year's Toronto Film Festival is... a musical about hockey.

On the one hand, it's from the director of Saint Ralph, which was actually way better than it had any right to be. So there's a smidge of hope that Score might not be terrible. Plus, they cast Olivia Newton-John as the hockey phenom's mom, which is pretty smooth.

On the other hand:

Score: A Hockey Musical features 19 original songs with lyrics written by McGowan, and featuring music from Barenaked Ladies, Olivia Newton-John, Amy Sky and Marc Jordan, and five songs on which Hawksley Workman contributed.

Barenaked Ladies? Hawksley Workman? Yikes. (For those of you who have had the pleasure of never having heard anything by Hawksley, he's essentially the Canadian version of Stan Ridgway, only with less discernible talent and a more annoying voice.)

I understand TIFF's desire/requirement to push their Canadianness, but this is taking things just a wee bit too far.

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