Channeling My Inner Sully

Are you sitting down? Good, because this is about to get seriously incestuous.

One of Sully's pinch-hitters links to this rebuttal of Weigel's (another Sully pinch-hitter) slam of Sully's Trig fixation. Excuse me, I feel a bit nauseo... uurp. Blech.

That's better.

Anyway, in the comments for said rebuttal, I found maybe the best explanation of the whole thing, at least by the rigorous standards of armchair psychology:

What I see from her story is a mother who didn't want the baby and engaged in risky behavior that could possibly result in a miscarriage. Think about. Why risk an amnio if you have no interest in eliminating the pregnancy based on the results? Why keep news of your pregnancy secret until the 7th month? Why maintain such a low pregnancy weight? Why engage in a series of risky transcontinental flights? Why refuse to seek out local medical care in Dallas when it is so readily available? Why drive past a large urban trauma center with a NICU in Anchorage for a community hospital in the boonies? It seems like she did everything possible to have bad pregnancy outcome. Palin can't have an abortion because her entire political viability is based on her pro life credibility. So it seems like she made up her mind to leave it up to God. She would do nothing to protect the pregnancy but also nothing to directly end it.

That sounds just about right to me. She "left it up to God", but did everything she could to sway God's decision short of throwing herself down a flight of stairs.

It explains both her pre-birth behavior, as well as the post-birth contempt she seems to show for Trig: the rumored derogatory nicknames, the way she uses him as a campaign prop, etc.

Someday, someone is going to finally pin her down and go all Frost/Nixon on her in an interview, and she is going to disintegrate. Sadly, I doubt it will happen any time soon.

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