Reason Gets a Chubby

Reason has published nine articles in three days on the John Stagliano trial. By the time you click that link, they may have another one up.

Now, sure, the trial is a ridiculous waste of money and an infringement on blah blah blah. And I'm glad Reason Magazine exists to highlight and challenge these sorts of lunacies.

But, really. Nine articles in three days, by at least three different writers? At least try to keep it in your pants, guys.


  1. Well. The case is an ugly one, happening now, and the press is pretty scared of it -- the details alone are... hilarious. I notice the msm rarely publishes the porno names in question. If only a man's freedom wasn't on the line. I support Reason's chub.

  2. I'd call it a blue steel hard-on. A glorious blue steel hard-on. The case is a joke and needs all the attention it can get.

  3. What's your point? Reason chronicles violations of what you casually dismiss as "blah blah blah" and you think they're going overboard because...? It's not like their coverage is widely available elsewhere. You're just chuckling like a grade schooler in sex ed.

  4. This is a first amendment case, usually the first of something is held in high importance.

    Just do a search on for California Legal Marijuana and any one of the 60 plus pages of results (well over 600 links) will have some or all the important information on the legalization issue in the archive of articles large enough to fill multiple books.

    Then do a search for Stagliano Trial. You will find 12 pages of results less than 120 hits.

    how is it that they are not paying enough attention to the california legalization issue when they just had a full issue of reason magazine devoted to legalization and they have over 6 times the articles relating to legalization yet somehow they cover the Stagliano trial more.

    when you look at the first page of a news website you are going to see the events most current, right now at this moment this trial is happeneing. check the homepage again when the vote is up for legalization and you will probably find the same buzz the Stagliano trial is getting right now.

    Reason has a chubby for this case, because they have a chubby for first amendment issues, and a chubby for exposing beaurocratic over-reach-arounds. This psychotic judge is doing everything in and above his power to limit the right of free speech, I dont know about you but i dont want what i can say to be limited to speech that does not offend the delicate sensibilities of somebody in a black robe.