Your Corporate Media At Work

I turned on the news this morning, hoping against hope someone might have something to say about what was happening in Iran.

Fox? Nothing.
MSNBC? Nope.
ABC? Nada.
NBC? Zilch.
CBS? Pshaw.

CNN was actually acknowledging that the country existed, but their coverage is pretty much exclusively a recap of what was said on the Sunday bloviatothons, and all through the dual cracked lenses of "were the elections legit?" and "how does this affect America/Obama?" Really, what Mike Pence has to say about Obama's foreign policy is fucking irrelevant right now.

Nothing about what was actually happening on the ground in Iran. Nothing about the afternoon protests. No mention of the fact that the elections were just a facade anyway, whether they were rigged or not.

Oh, wait, I stand corrected. Christiane Amanpour just called in from Iran and talked for five minutes.

The first truly major event of 2009 is happening, one with massive implications for the world and for the prospect (or lack thereof) of peace in the Middle East, and the collective might of the American television media can't stop checking out their own asses.

It's disgusting.

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