Meant to blog about this yesterday, but it slipped my mind and now Sully's beaten me to it.

Pletka's op-ed was right out of the same playbook we saw during the Bush administration: ideology before reality. Regardless of what's actually happening in the world, the neocon worldview demands certain events and outcomes so that's what will be reported, regardless of the facts.

Which is not to say that she might not be correct that the entire election was cover for an attempted coup by Ahmadinejad and his cronies. But to leap from that to the assumption that the coup is a success, in the face of such an obviously powerful and (as the history of Iran shows) persistent popular counter-revolution is willful ignorance.

The "elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps" hasn't crushed anything yet, Danielle, and my money's on them failing every time they try. This isn't just some local disgruntlement, some fit of pique by spoiled students. This is an entire country waking up to the fact that their government has only as much power and legitimacy as the people give them.

I can see why that wouldn't compute to someone wiith a neocon worldview.

Now, if Ahmadinejad loses this struggle and gets tossed, does that mean the resulting government will be to America's liking? Perhaps not. And my response to that is: Too fucking bad.

Someone else phrased that a little more eloquantly recently:

Obviously all of us have been watching the news from Iran... and I want to start off by being very clear that it is up to Iranians to make decisions about who Iran’s leaders will be

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