Pushing the Right Buttons

OK, you can't tell me that this speech wasn't designed, at least in part, to drive the nutjob "Obama is a seekrit Muslim" conspiracy theorists even crazier.

It's not his unequivocal support for the (not at) Ground Zero (not a) Mosque and the smackdown he gives to the bigots and opportunists leading the charge against it, nor is it just the brief 'history of Islam in America' lesson in the speech, although he basically lays out the plot of a new Dan Brown novel with the whole "Jefferson held first iftar at the White House" and "oldest mosque in Cedar Rapids" bits. I mean, he also gives a shoutout to the atheists - twice! Clearly he's in league with the devil (aka Allah) to destroy Christianity, and America, not necessarily in that order.

Basically, this was reverse dog whistling. Everyone not up to their eyeballs in the paranoid sewage slowly swamping the right wing is going to hear that speech and think he's being quite reasonable. The Pam Gellers and their ilk, though? Heads will be asplodin' left and right. And the more right-wing heads asplode, the harder it will be for the middle to ignore all that sewage...

Really, if Obama were an evil genius, we'd all be completely screwed anyway. The guy is that damn good.

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