Two Men Enter, And... Uhh... Two Men Leave

Two of us regulars from the Tuesday Neutral karaoke crowd have been headed for a showdown for a while now, and this week it's finally gonna happen. We sing too much of the same material not to finally find out who truly is the king of 80s synthpop.

So naturally, we likely won't actually be singing any 80s synthpop during our Karaoke Cage Match of Doom.

The impromptu rules will be that we each sing one song from each of the following artists: Britney, Bowie and Johnny (Cash). My one Britney is Toxic, and his is Hit Me Baby One More Time; I expect him to win that opening round, not that we've bothered figuring out how the winner will be determined or anything.

It's during the next two rounds that I think I have the advantage. He said he'll be doing Amsterdam for his Bowie, but it wouldn't surprise me if that were some sort of feint. It won't matter. I plan on busting out my Rock 'n' Roll Suicide, a song I rarely do these days because the backing track offends me. They leave off the final violin chord, for Goddess' sake.

I suspect for round three he'll be doing Hurt. Tempted as I am to do Big River, I think I better stick to something more recognizable, which means either Folsom Prison Blues (which I can do in my sleep) or something riskier like Ring of Fire, which I haven't done much. Really, my best Cash is probably Sunday Morning Comin' Down, but after Rock 'n' Roll Suicide I don't want to do another downtempo song.

So it'll probably go something like this:

Britney: One More Time vs Toxic
Bowie: Amsterdam (?) vs Rock 'n' Roll Suicide
Johnny: Hurt (?) vs Ring of Fire

Should be a barnburner.

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  1. Ring of fire or God's gonna cut you down!