Hearing a Career End

So I'm in the theatre about to watch Scott Pilgrim (which is both the best Toronto movie ever made, and quite possibly the best comic book movie ever made) and one of the trailers in front of it was for Devil, the movie written and directed by someone else but based on an idea by M Night Shyamalan.

Now, keep in mind this was an opening weekend crowd for Scott Pilgrim. The place was crawling with the young folk: hipsters, geeks, and every subculture in between.

The moment MNS's name appeared on screen, the audience erupted in derisive, mocking laughter.

Even his name is now a joke. Explain to me how you make any kind of dramatic film, in any genre, when even the mention of your name inspires giggles.

Shyamalan's done. Anyone who lets him make a movie for them is burning money.

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