More Interesting TIFF Films

Some other stuff that's coming, that I might have to check out:

- Danny Boyle's latest, 127 Hours, is one of those snarly man-versus-wilderness true stories. This one stars James Franco as a mountain climber trapped for days under a big rock. Boyle's gotta be able to find a way to make that visually interesting, right? Right?

- John Sayles keeps on truckin', this time taking a look at the Philippine-American War in Amigo. I just realized I can't remember the last new Sayles film I saw. That Bush spoof thing, I guess? He's overdue for a good one.

- Will Ferrell stars as a motivational speaker whose life falls apart in Everything Must Go. Sounds more Stranger Than Fiction than Anchorman, but probably worth a peek.

- Clint Eastwood follows three people, including Matt Damon, trying to find a bridge to the afterlife in Hereafter. Oh dear.

- remember that train wreck of a Joaquin Phoenix interview on Letterman? Yeah, it was for Casey Affleck's film I'm Still Here, which frankly looks like the most self-indulgent piece of ego-driven trash since M Night cast himself as the savior of the world in Lady in the Water. In other words, count me in.

- Alex de la Iglesia makes fun of the Spanish Civil War again in The Last Circus.

- Kick-Ass' little darling, Chloe Moretz, stars in the English language remake of Let The Right One In, called just Let Me In. They better not screw this one up.

- former Michael O'Donoghue writing partner Mitch Glazer makes his directorial debut with Passion Play, in which Mickey Rourke plays a Chet Baker-esque jazz trumpeter who shacks up with sideshow freak Megan Fox and tries to outwit gangster Bill Murray. There's gonna be no middle ground with that one, is there? It's either epic win or epic fail. But I still love Scrooged, so I'm probably predisposed to thinking 'win'.

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