Constitution, Meet Glenn Beck's Hole Punch

There's a lot of talk of the right these days about repealing various constitutional amendments: the 14th (birthright citizenship) and the 17th (direct election of Senators) being the ones getting the most attention.

But based on the ground rules for Glenn Beck's 8/28 gathering in front of the Lincoln Memorial, there appear to be a few more on the hit list.

What can I NOT bring?
As a security precaution, the following items will be prohibited from the event sites:

• NO signs (political or otherwise) as they may deter from the peaceful message we are bringing to Washington.

Good Lord! No signs? Beck is against freedom of speech! People's First Amendment rights will be trampled into the dust!

• Firearms (either real or simulated)
• Ammunition

The Second Amendment too? Say it ain't so, Joe... err, Glenn!

• Alcoholic beverages

Apparently, not even the 21st Amendment (the one repealing the 18th Amendment, which created Prohibition) is safe from Beck's anti-Constitutional rampage.

What's your next target, Glenn? Presidential term limits? Women's suffrage? Do you want legal punishments to be crueler and more unusual? Are you gunning for immediate adjustments to Congressional salaries? Is nothing sacred, Glenn?

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