The Dumbest Thing I Have Ever Read

OK, maybe not dumbest... "most oblivious" might be the best description.

DougJ over at BJ made reference to this blog making fun of Ayn Rand (remind me sometime to tell you about my Ayn Rand sitcom idea, starring Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory). In the comments to the post Doug specifically mentioned, I found this comment:

I can see your guys' points. The girl I recommended Atlas to suffers from very low self-esteem and passive acceptance of abuse from those around her. I figured it'd be a good read and an inspiration to start making some positive changes - especially since the main character is a female.

Yes, you read that correctly. Some Rand fan recommended Atlas Shrugged to a woman that he claimed to like, who he thought has major self-esteem issues (although if you read the whole thread, poor Jay seems to have a massive white knight complex so that's probably redundant), because he thought Dagny Taggert might be a role model for her.

There are not enough heads and not enough hands in the entire universe to adequately facepalm that one.

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