My Mouth Writing Cheques My... Err... Mouth Has To Cash

So last night at Neutral, I was in a mood. Didn't really feel like singing any of the stuff I've been trying out recently, didn't really feel like hitting up the cuties to see what they wanted to hear... instead I just opened the book to a random page and picked something on it out of the blue.

That led me to See Emily Play, and Freeze-Frame (I mean, really. Why would anyone sane do a J. Geils Band song that wasn't Centerfold?). At that point somebody who'd just walked in asked me what I was singing. "Random shit", I said.

That of course led to us riffing on a song with the title Random Shit, which led to me speculating it was probably some nu metal joint, which led to me singing a line from said hypothetical bit of thrash trash which sounded vaguely Korn-ish.

Which, naturally, led to me singing an actual Korn song (Freak On a Leash) for the first time ever in my karaoke career.

The scary part was, I pulled it off. I screwed up the "some things they fight" section at first before I got my bearings in it, and my boom da pa doom's were pretty ragged, but I'll be damned if it didn't sound, at worst, credible.

Jeebus. What the hell have I become? The time may be coming when I sing Korn, Ke$ha, Steely Dan and Sam Cooke all on the same night. I'm worried I might inadvertently open the dimensional gates and wake Great Cthulhu with my song choices; maybe "when the stars are right" is referring to pop stars, not the celestial kind.

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fagen Becker!


  1. he he he welcome to the dark side!

  2. I knew Korn would get a comment out of you.