If the Left Were As Dishonest As the Right

Then you'd see articles on HuffPo about this case declaring that "Right-wing activist judges want to arm criminals!"

Jed, over at the GOS, would create a video hatchet job attacking Justice Marilyn Kelly, tenuously linking her to the NRA (which would be portrayed as slightly more crazy than Michael Moore tried to make them look in Fahrenheit 911) and making it look like she said she wanted more black babies to die during a speech she gave in 2002.

And MSNBC's prime time lineup would be all over the Michigan decision. Olbermann would deliver a stern lecture full of righteous indignation over it, while Maddow would ask some pointed questions about militia activity in Michigan, and how many militia members are convicted felons. She wouldn't attempt to answer those questions, mind you - she'd just ask them.

Funny how none of that seems to happen.

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