It's Coming

The same sick feeling of dread I got in my stomach while watching Obama give his acceptance speech in Denver is returning. The reactionary troglodytes who felt disenfranchised by his election seem to have decided that the fight over health care reform is their line in the sand.

I merely pity the poor dupes at the town halls who keep shrieking about euthanasia for the elderly, government death panels, and all the other bullshit talking points that are seeping out of the septic tank that is the soul of the right wing. They aren't the ones scaring me. It's the other ones I'm worried about... the ones hanging Obama in effigy.

I feel like the pressure is going to keep building until it erupts in an actual attempt on Obama's life.

Anyone who thinks what's happening is an expressioon of normal, healthy democratic debate is willfully delusional (Just keep walking, Peggy. It's what you're good at.)

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