Steak League Draft Recap

Here's who I've taken so far:

1st round (13th overall): Andre Johnson, Hou. Choice was between him or Steve Smith.
2nd round (16th overall): Kevin Smith, Det. Had a number of RB options, plus Smith was still on the board, but I went with the upside play.
3rd round (41st overall): Lee Evans, Buf. Want a strong WR corps since we start three of them.
4th round (44th overall): Roy Williams, Dal. Hate this pick, but see above, plus the other option was Cedric Benson as a #2 RB and I hate him even more.
5th round (69th overall): Shonn Greene, NYJ. Needed an RB2, Greene is a beast that the Jets coaching staff loves, and they have a killer run-blocking O-line. Done.
6th round (72nd overall): Thomas Jones, NYJ. Absolutely necessary handcuff to Greene (although it might end up being vice versa). Suddenly I'm a Jets fan.

Using two picks on my RB2 slot probably cost me a player I really wanted though. (And indeed it did, as Greg Olsen went a few picks later.)

7th round (97th overall): Mark Clayton, Bal. Solid WR insurance.
8th round (100th overall): Seemed an appropriate pick for the first IDP selection, and he's a player I really really wanted. Welcome aboard, Patrick Willis, SF.
9th round (125th overall): This is where I paid for taking Willis. A lot of people filled their backup QB spot on the down and back, so I was pretty much left with Trent Edwards, Buf as my starter.
10th round (128th overall): Ditto at tight end, so I nabbed Tony Scheffler, Den. He should be a decent security blanket for Kyle Orton. I actually wanted to address my RB depth here, but Tim Hightower got nabbed 126th. Very annoying.
11th round (153rd overall): I wanted the Browns' James Davis, but he went at 152. D'oh! Gave up looking for an RB and grabbed one of my top WR sleepers, Earl Bennett, Chi, instead. He was Jay Cutler's favorite target at Vanderbilt, donchaknow.
12th round (156th overall): Settled on Chris Brown, Hou for RB depth, since Slaton hasn't quite proven he's can hold up for 16 games of pounding yet.

13th round (181st overall): Filled my backup QB spot with Joe Flacco, Bal, who has a good matchup against the Bengals when Edwards is on his bye week.
14th round (184th overall): Now it gets tricky. I like to stagger the bye weeks for my TE, K, and IDP players so I never have to worry about replacing more than one at a time. That led me to Oshiomogho Atogwe, StL, for my DB slot.
15th round (209th overall): More bye-week staggering left me with John Abraham, Atl as the only decent DE option left.
16th round (212th overall): I wanted one more RB lottery ticket, so I threw a dart at rookie Gartrell Johnson, SD, in case Tomlinson breaks down.
17th round (227th overall): My last pick, and I needed a kicker. Well, the Bengals offense can't get much worse, so Shayne Graham, Cin it is.

Final roster by position (bye week in brackets):

QB - Trent Edwards, Buf (9); Joe Flacco, Bal (7)
RB - Kevin Smith, Det (7); Shonn Greene, NYJ (9); Thomas Jones, NYJ (9); Chris Brown, Hou (10); Gartrell Johnson, SD (5)
WR - Andre Johnson, Hou (10); Lee Evans, Buf (9); Roy Williams, Dal (6); Mark Clayton, Bal (7); Earl Bennett, Chi (5)
TE - Tony Scheffler, Den (7)
K - Shayne Graham, Cin (8)
DE - John Abraham, Atl (4)
LB - Patrick Willis, SF (6)
DB - Oshiomogho Atogwe, StL (9)

If the Jets don't have a time-share in the backfield I should have a solid team, but if Jones and Greene split carries I may need to deal a WR for a starting RB.

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