Is the Clock Ticking For Hillary?

If there's one thing Bill Clinton's visit to North Korea highlighted, it's how ineffective Hillary Clinton has been as Secretary of State.

Her attempt to mediate the Honduran coup through Costa Rica's president was a failure. Her former spokesperson Lanny Davis becoming a lobbyist for the coup regime doesn't help either.

The whole White House has pussy-footed around the Iran situation (at least until Robert Gibbs' whoopsie moment this morning), but she's been upstaged by Obama in even the minimal public statements the administration has made.

And now, she's been publicly belittled and insulted by North Korean diplomats before having to stand aside and let Bill get credit for the release of Ling and Lee. Not even Amanda Marcotte seems to have commented on the fact that Hillary was insulted in explicitly sexist fashion by a foreign government, only for her husband to swoop in and 'save the day'.

Now, in many ways there's not been much else she could have done. The White House has been keeping foreign policy very much in the fold, and Clinton just isn't in that loop. But given all the action on the international stage that's taken place in the short time Obama's been in office you would think his Secretary of State would be able to make some kind of positive impression.

Instead she's essentially struck out twice, once on Honduras and once (in humiliating fashion, which can't help her standing when it comes to future negotiations and incidents) on North Korea.

I wonder if she's wishing she hadn't left the Senate right about now.

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