The Steak League

Later this afternoon I will be taking part in the umpteenth edition of the Rotowire Steak League, a fantasy football league so-named because all the LA owners get together at the end of the year, and the losers buy the winners steak dinners. It's all very manly.

I've got the 13th pick out of 14 owners, which isn't terrible -- I'm more comfortable picking at the end of rounds in a snake draft and doubling up on players I want on the switchback, than sitting somewhere in the middle. On the other hand, on my cheat sheet I've only got 10-11 guys who I consider the 'elite' at RB/WR, so I'm crossing my fingers one of them fades to me at 13.

The league is IDP, which has me wondering which round I'd need to pull the trigger in if I want Patrick Willis, and this year we're switching from a 1 QB/2 RB/2 WR/1 Flex format, to 1 QB/2 RB/3 WR, which is going to put a premium on those top wideouts. At this point I'm expecting my first two rounds will be something like Greg Jennings or Reggie Wayne, followed by a RB in the Kevin Smith/Ronnie Brown/LDT range, unless someone drops into my lap.

For the moment though, I'll be spending the next couple of hours researching WR sleepers. This is a Rotowire league, so everyone's an expert and probably knows that the Bears' Earl Bennett has great chemistry with Jay Cutler from their Vandy days, or that Robert Meachem is again looking good in camp for New Orleans. I've gotta look deeper than that, because having WR depth is going to be huge.

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