Needles and Haystacks

I still strongly believe that there are sane conservatives in America, that they aren't all Beck/Malkin/Bachmann-esque loons.

The problem is actually spotting evidence of one in the wild. Take, for instance, Jim Manzi's latest. The article seems quite solid, as Manzi expresses concern over the government's 'finessing' of the Chrysler bankruptcy, but then down in the comments (as commentators wonder what the difference is between the US government using its power and influence to cut a good deal for itself, and Walmart doing the same) Manzi exposes his inner black helicopter watcher:

This sounds flippant, but I mean it literally: if Walmat had private armies, I would be very concerned about it. The key issue here, in my view, is the actor with control over large-scale military power “negotiating” with private economic actors.
For reals! Manzi's concern is that, if the government doesn't get its way with Chrysler's creditors, it will send in the army to, umm, shoot up the place or something.

If that post were a comedy sketch, Graham Chapman would have to end it early.

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