A History of Song in Pictures

I've a rash of photos of me slapped up on Facebook in the last couple of days, which has of course prompted the usual flip through the entire album. Just for fun I'm going to see if I can figure out what songs I was singing in any of them that feature the lyrics behind me on the screen.

1,2 - you can't see the words, but those are obviously from the One Night in Bangkok on-stage chess match.

3 - See You Again by Miley

21 - no way to tell... going from memory I'd guess Aenima

22 - the same night as 21... I'm almost sure that's Ever Fallen in Love by the Buzzcocks

30-33 - can't see what's on the screen, but it's Fairytale of New York

35 - no way to tell

36-39 - more Fairytale with Kate Awesome

43 - Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

50-54 - the first crack at Fairytale with Mizz Awesome

58 - A Little Respect by Erasure

60 - doesn't look like the song had started yet

117 - no screen visible, but that had to be Mac the Knife

121 - yeesh. No idea what song that was, but I must have returned to my home under a bridge somewhere afterwards

122 - sigh. I miss Di. Or at least, I miss being that close to someone. Maybe both.

133 - Go With the Flow by Queens of the Stone Age

137 - Jane Says by Jane's Addiction. Had this as my profile pic on FB for a while

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