Tales of Staggering Idiocy!

Poker-themed edition...

A couple of days ago I'm in an online nine-player single table sit 'n' go. Four people are left, top three finish in the money. The short stack has checked out; either he lost his connection or simply gave up, and he now no longer had enough chips to even meet the big blind.

Let me stress this. In two hands, the short stack will be forced all-in on the big blind and will probably be eliminated. Barring some bizarre series of miracle hands for the absentee short stack, the other three of us are guaranteed a profit if we do nothing more than sit there.

The player running 3rd chooses that hand to push back against the chip leader, and eventually raises all-in after the turn with nothing more than two over cards (KQ off). Needless to say the chip leader has a real hand (which is why he'd raised pre-flop, bet the flop and bet the turn...), called, and the idiot was eliminated on the bubble.

Two overs. Not even some kind of semi-bluff draw for an inside straight. Just two overs.

I mean, I guess if you're playing to lose money for tax purposes, it makes some sort of sense.

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