Apocalypse Now Redux

Good God.

Of the hundreds of photos from Abu Ghraib obtained by the Washington Post, only a representative handful was ever released. When a reporter on the original Abu Ghraib story visited my journalism class at Princeton, he showed us some of the pictures that were never released to the public. Among many sickening sights, I was struck by a folder that contained pictures of the head from a decapitated cat. The head had been stuck on a soda bottle and given a cigarette as if it were the effigy of a disposable, death-dealing culture.
So, basically, Lord of the Flies meets Apocalypse Now. This is what Cheney and Rummy and the rest turned the military into. This is what institutionalized moral rot leads to. Swell.

Mind you, the rest of that linked post leads to a completely different kind of crazy.

The lesson here is that if we can use our bodies however we want, in times of crisis the government will do so as well.
Yeah, because torture didn't exist before BSDM sexuality went 'mainstream'. It was only those dirty perverts who introduced it to the rest of us.

I can only quote Nick Danger (or am I?) when I read things like that:

The Great Prince issues commands, founds states, vests families with fiefs. Inferior people should not be employed.

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