Worst Oscars Ever

Certainly the worst Oscars of my lifetime anyway. I'm not even referring to the choices for nominees and winners, which more and more seem to be aimed solely at disproving all that 'wisdom of crowds' bullshit.

I'm talking about the actual production of the show itself. From the technical glitch that prevented them from showing clips from the Best Cinematography noms, to the decision to cut people's speeches short but leave in all the cringe-worthy "hey, wow, you're great" speeches fellating the Best Actor/Actress nominees, to the Twilight whoring in a desperate attempt to get a younger demo watching the show, to the bizarre camera angles they used (the Stanley Tucci Cam, positioned right behind his head, was probably my favourite)... the whole thing was just bad. Martin and Baldwin were amusing at best. The dance number awkwardly attached to the Best Score noms was just plain sad, and this coming from a guy who unabashedly admits to being hooked on So You Think You Can Dance.

And the less said about using "I Am Woman" as Bigelow's send-off music, the better.

Just an inexcusably sloppy, poorly thought out train wreck all around.

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