If Only Malfeasance Had Consequences

It look like Liz Palpatine and Bill Kristol have finally done something too stupid for even their conservative colleagues to let go.

Now, in a sane media environment, those two human-shaped tumors would be publicly shamed and laughed off any television set on which they dared to present themselves as experts on any topic except blatant, self-aggrandizing falsehood. (Wait, make it three, as Marc Thiessen has decided to defend their indefensible crap, which I guess makes sense as 'defending the indefensible' is the one topic on which he's genuinely an expert.) None of those three should ever appear on a political show again, until it's to humiliate them by laughing at them and them sliming them You Can't Do That On Television-style when they tell an obvious lie.

But no. I'm sure this little tempest will pass on by and be forgotten, and they'll go back to being trotted out as respectable right wing voices by pseudo-journalists who care far less about truth than they do about ratings.

Feh. The "kill 'em all and let God sort it out" approach seems more logical every day.

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