My Fake Baseball Team. Well, One Of Them.

The Rotowire baseball Staff Keeper League holds its auction tonight. I'm carrying over a very nice group of players:

3B - Evan Longoria $13 (signed through 2011)
SS - Hanley Ramirez $18 (signed through 2012)
CI - Garrett Jones $9
MI - Maicer Izturis $4
OF - Jayson Werth $27
OF - Nelson Cruz $8 (signed through 2011)
OF - Julio Borbon $3
P - Dan Haren $36
P - Justin Verlander $8 (last year of contract)
P - JA Happ $3
P - Scott Feldman $2
P - Ryan Franklin $5
P - Octavio Dotel $5

Minors - Mike Stanton, Flo
Minors - Neftali Soto, Cin
Minors - Matt Maloney, Cin
Minors - Michael Main, Tex
Minors - Tyler Robertson, Min

I've got $119 bucks to play with, which isn't actually that much (inflation has gone crazy in this league over the last few seasons... an elite bat like A-Rod, who is available this year, will probably go for about $60) but fortunately I don't have any pressing needs. Could use another big bat and some strikeouts, but other than that I'm pretty much set, and can just be patient during the auction and wait for relative bargains.

One thing I do need to try and score is some keepable starting pitching for next season. I had Chris Tillman in my minors last year, and Max Scherzer at a buck, but dealt them both to try and make what proved to be a futile run at the title (I did finish fourth, which at least put me in the money, but it still stings). Depending on how crazy the bidding is, that may put me in the Strasburg sweepstakes. Assuming he plus two other cheap young starters with a bit of upside cost me, say, $29, that leaves $90 for hitting: four $20-$25 players plus sundries, basically, or $30-$20-$20-$15, or thereabouts.

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