Oh, Right, Them

I haven't commented on the Oscar noms because I have finally stopped caring about them once and for all.

As I predicted, Where the Wild Things Are was completely forgotten. Also as predicted, Charlotte Gainsbourg's insanely visceral performance in Antichrist was unjustly ignored. And in both cases, it was apparently so that the Academy could celebrate the overlooked genius of Sandra Bullock.

And I'm supposed to take them seriously? I guess you could apply Churchill's defense of democracy just as well to the Oscars, but sorry, no. Not good enough.

Back when I had a semi-regular column, I did a couple of pieces essentially retconning the Oscars, where I looked back over the previous decade and decided who should have really gotten the statues. I might do it again now just out of spite, but the fact of the matter is that it shouldn't be necessary. It just isn't that tough a job. An occasional miss or flub would be forgivable. Constant, glaring screw-ups aren't.

I'm done with it.

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