The Party of... No, Really?

The GOS/Research 2000 poll looking into the minds of rank-and-file Pubs is... I don't even know what to say.

More Pubs believe that Genesis should be taught in schools (77%) than sex education (42%), and it's not even close.

The number of Pubs who believe Obama is actually American (42%) is barely higher than the number who want him impeached (39%).

Let's not even get started on LGBT issues... when less than 10% of Pubs think that openly gay people should even be allowed to teach in public schools -- forget about being allowed to marry -- you know the conversation is over before it's even begun.

Hell, almost a quarter of them (23%) are secessionists.

It'd be a joke if it weren't so terrifying.

If the Dems want to improve the turnout of their base in 2010, all they need to do is widely distribute these poll results and ask, "Are these the people you want making decisions about the country's future?"

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