Martyrs For Democracy

I haven't been posting much about Iran recently. In part that's because Sully does a better job of consolidating the trickle of info we're getting than I ever could, but mostly because the progress that's being made by the Green Revolution has been beneath the surface. The pattern we saw in 1979 is slowly repeating itself - demonstrations and defiance, followed by increasingly desperate attempts by the governing regime to squash dissent, followed by stronger resolve on the part of the protesters.

February 11th could be the beginning of the next stage of the conflict though, and as such I just wanted to note now that as the Khameini/Ahmadinejad regime's legitimacy continues to rot away below the surface, when it does finally collapse it will likely disintegrate all at once, all of a sudden, and not gradually fade away.

February 11 could be just another day of bloodshed and endurance. Or it could be something else entirely.

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