Baseball Season Begins Today

I'll be doing my first fantasy baseball auction today - 5x5 NL-only "experts" league on CBSSportsline, where I'll be representing Rotowire.

Since this is a league with a bunch of fantasy insiders, it's usually silly for me to target specific sleepers, since half the league will be targeting the same guys. I have to play this one as agnostically as possible -- regardless of what I think of a player (with a few exceptions like Adrian Gonzalez, who I won't touch because there's too good a chance he'll be traded out of the NL midseason which is Bad News by this league's rules) if he's going for what I've deemed to be below market prices, I'll need to move on him.

The real trick in one of these is determining quickly which way the market is skewing.

If I have time during the auction I'll do a bit of live blogging over on RW.

UPDATE: Here's the live blogging, and here's the auction results.

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