The Great Orange Diaspora

So bonddad is now posting an economics column over at 538, at the same time that dengre has joined the roster at Balloon Juice.

Now, I'm not proclaiming the death of Daily Kos. But I do think a brain drain at the Democrat's best online site is not a good sign for the party, or its chances in 2010/2012. What Obama needed was for the grassroots to transition into something like a sane version of what the right has going for it. Erick the Rediculous snaps his fingers and Olympia Snowe wakes up with a pile of rock salt on her porch. The left has no similar infrastructure with which to apply populist pressure to weak-willed Congresscritters.

The 'firebaggers' epithet that JC and others have started using is looking more and more appropriate.

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