The Business President?

Nate does a fun piece breaking down Obama's word usage in last night's SOTU address. It doesn't necessarily means a whole lot, but it is interesting to see what he was trying to hammer home:

- work(ing)/worker(s): 34 times
- business(es): 29 times
- job(s): 29 times
- tax(es): 21 times
- family(ies): 20 times
- invest(ing)/investment(s): 18 times
- economy/economic: 17 times*
- strong(er)/strength(en): 16 times
- energy: 15 times
- deficit(s): 14 times

This was a speech focused almost primarily on convincing voters that Obama can get the economy moving forward again. Pro-business, pro-jobs, pro-family, pro-getting back to work. The tax talk was either of the "I cut yours" variety, or the pro-tax incentive variety.

You can't say he doesn't know what people really care about at the moment, at any rate.

For funzies, let's compare that to Reagan's '82 SOTU:

- government: 28 times
- tax(es): 23 times
- together: 15 times
- congress: 13 times
- strong(er)/strength(en): 13 times
- deficit(s): 12 times
- free(dom): 11 times
- peace(ful): 11 times
- inflation: 10 times
- world(wide): 10 times

* - Nate seems to have missed two instances of the word 'economic', or at least didn't fold them in with 'economy' in his analysis.

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