Redefining Ethics

There's much bloggy buzz over Ed Whelan's petulant outing of publius. (Hell, even Volokher Jonathan Adler thinks Whelan "crossed the line.")

The irony of the situation, of course, is that Whelan is president of a Washington think tank, the EPPC. That's the Ethics and Public Policy Center, or, as it shall henceforth be known (at least to me), the "Ethics" and Public Policy Center.

Here's what the "E"PPC says they're all about:

EPPC and its scholars have consistently sought to defend the great Western ethical imperatives -- respect for the inherent dignity of the human person, individual freedom and responsibility, justice, the rule of law, and limited government.
To quote the Prophet Bill Hicks, it's irony on a base level, but I like it.


Our reputation for excellence has been built up over three decades.

Built up over decades, and flushed down the toilet in the time it took to hit the "Publish" button.

Some in the comments thread at Obsidian Wings have suggested a civil suit against Whelan. I'd think the more effective strategy with which to demonstrate the real meaning of the word "responsibility" to this feckless, dickless, thoughtless toad would be to target the "E"PPC.

Find out who hires them, and ask them if they want to be associated with a group whose president is such a public embarrasment, and who apparently wouldn't know what ethics were if they bit him in the ass.

Which, hopefully, they're about to.

Ed Whelan has made himself a poster boy for old school greek-style ostracism.

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