I'm (Almost) Done with Ultimate Bet

Just pulled most of the money out from Ultimate Bet.

Anyone who knows anything about the history of the site might be wondering what took me so long. The fact of the matter is I misssed the scandal completely; I'd pulled most of my money out before the 'superuser' revelations became public, and only realized I had some loose change left in my account about six months ago. Trying the 'build it up from microlimit' plan, I was at about $500 in my account at its peak.

I've had a run of awful beats lately to whittle that down some, but that's not why I'm packing it in. In fact I'm usually the guy making fun of anyone at the table whining about their bad beats and how UB is 'rigged' against them (like anyone able to cheat online is going to waste their time at a $10 sit 'n' go. Sheesh.), and the worst beat I've still ever had at poker came in a live game (runner-runner to make a straight flush wheel for the other guy in O8B, when I was set to scoop, at worst, three-quarters of the pot on the flop.) I've even had a solid money finish within the last week (5th of 434 in a $5 tourney... cashed for about $130)

No, the reason I'm pulling up stakes is something a little more insidious. I often play two tables at the same time, and what I've been noticing is that any time two hands are dealt to me at exactly (or almost exactly) the same time, or flops hit the felt at the same time on both tables, the cards are identical, or nearly so, far too often for the odds to account for it.

For instance, I might get K clubs 4 hearts at one table, and K clubs 4 hearts at the other. Or one flop might be 6-6-3 with a heart draw, while the other is 6-6-J with a heart draw. You get the idea.

Now it's certainly possible this is just selective memory at work, at that I'm not paying attention when the simultaneous deals don't synch up.

But my gut right now is telling me that their randomizer is tied to the clock, and if it is it's exploitable, not to mention generally sketchy. And given UB's security history, I'd just as soon get out now before the next 'scandal' hits the site and kills it.

(The 'almost' in the title relates to the fact that once again, I left some loose change in the account. Building up from scraps by starting at microlimit is always a fun exercise, so I might use UB for that purpose, and then chop the account down at regular intervals.)

In the meantime I'll be looking for another site to play at... probably FTP.

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