Best Comedy on Television

For a lark I'm watching Glenn Beck's show. He's doing a piece on ACORN, and flashbacked to a show from a couple of weeks ago when Bill O'Reilly was on as a guest.

It's mind-boggling how incoherent everything is. Statements are made with not even a feeble attempt to back them up; they're just presented as obvious facts. "Obama... and his friends, his Cabinet... are Marxists!" Everything is drenched in fear-mongering, from Beck's language to the graphics. Statements are made about "those people", leaving it up to the viewer to decide which particular "those" are being talked about. Hell, even the ads are scary -- apparently the National Geographic channel has a reality TV show called "Locked Up Abroad", which oddly I've never seen advertised anywhere else. And Bill-O puts the cherry on top by describing socialism thusly:

They want to take from Beck and O'Reilly, and give to Lenny and Squiggy. And if Lenny and Squiggy are heroin addicts? (shrug)
Nothing says relevance like a 30-year-old television reference.

But the thing that brings it home is a throwaway line from Beck, in which he makes some vague statement about "folks from the '60s" being behind ACORN (and, maybe, the SEIU. or something.)

Folks from the '60s. AKA those Dirty Fucking Hippies.

Whatever else is being talked about on the surface, with the right wing it always comes back to the culture wars. Deep in their subconscious (or not that deep in some cases... and I mean that both ways) they know that America died at Woodstock.

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