Honduran Coup Not Off To a Good Start

From the emergency session of the OAS:

This is a blow not to Honduras but to democracy in all of Latin American and a blow the the Inter-American Charter. This is a reality-- a reality that this body should condemn as unacceptable. This is an emergency, so we appreciate that the Sec. General (SG) is traveling tomorrow to Honduras. We call for the immediate return to democratic institutions, to convoke an extraordinary session of the General Assembly (GA), to defend institutions in Honduras. This is an act of brute force that disrupts democracy in a neighboring country. The Inter-American Charter (does not include force) but it gives us an arsenal of moral arms sufficient to restore democracy in Honduras.

This coup seems to be as poorly thought-out as Ahmadi's election fraud. The military rousted Pres. Zelaya out of his bed the morning of an election, and then instead of sitting on him until the coup was entrenched (or killing him) they just shipped him off to Costa Rica in his pyjamas.

Maybe they were hoping being seen in public in his PJs would undermine his legitimacy?

At any rate, they tried booting out a popular president with no support at all from the US, which is pretty dumb in and of itself, so the rest of the idiocy can't be that surprising.

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