Moving Day

So, I'm moving tomorrow. Things are getting boxed up. Fortunately I don't have any weeding out to do, that having been done before I got to my current (and soon to be ex-) digs.

Internet service may be interrupted for a bit, but I shouldn't be dark for long.

The bad thing about this is that I'm moving into an apartment building, which I do not like. Sterile, vanilla, cookie-cutter layouts are not my thing. Still, the view is great (15th floor, facing south towards the lake so you can just see a ribbon of water over all the condos) and there's a pool on the roof of the building (with, of course, an even better view) so there is some refuge for my soul when I'm feeling too angsty.


  1. Same roomie - we can't traumatize the cats, now can we?