Ugh. Just Ugh

I haven't been reading Sully much the last few weeks, even above and beyond the film fest making me not read any blogs at all for a week and a half. He's just seemed to be on auto-pilot recently, even above and beyond his "I'd vote for Sharron Angle!" idiocy, and nothing illustrated that better than two posts he made back-to-back today.

In the first, he gives props to Gregg Easterbrook ("Easterbrook makes some very important points") for using median income to 'prove' that the middle class isn't taking a beating. The fucking median! Hey, Sully, here's two lists of numbers:

100 - 52 - 50 - 47 - 26
1,000,000 - 900,000 - 50 - 2 - 1

Guess what? They both have the same median. If those were incomes in thousands, would you say the 'middle class' was doing OK in the second one?

In the second, he lauds Glenn Reynolds for denying that a college degree is a pathway to the middle class ("there is much truth to this")-- as though every study ever done on the issue doesn't show the huge impact a college degree has on earnings.

If Sully were trying to parody the intellectual bankruptcy of the right-wing, he couldn't have done a better job. That's a level of stupidity so frustrating it makes me want to kick puppies.

Ugly puppies, but still.

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