All Your Health Care Are Belong To Us

If you are of the opinion that the health care bill was just phase one in a master plan to have the federal government take over the industry entirely, you should be very worried (or happy, depending on your perspective) about things like this:

The Denver Post reports, "at least six major companies — including Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, and Humana — have said they will stop writing new policies for individual children" in Colorado. The companies "blamed health reform mandates taking effect Thursday requiring companies that write such policies as of that date to also cover sick children up to age 19," the paper said.

The Washington Post reports that three big insurers — WellPoint, Cigna and CoventryOne — made their decisions because of "uncertainty in the health insurance market."

By dropping all new children-only coverage before the effective day of the new mandate, the companies effectively sidestep the new requirements.

The nefarious scheme clearly goes something like this:

1) Force private insurers to provide policies that make them less money
2) Private insurers then drop those plans entirely to avoid the mandates
3) Feds are then 'forced' to create a public option to cover the people now unable to buy insurance
4) Hyper-efficient, not-for-profit government plan forces private insurers out of business
5) ?????

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