Dere Doin It Rong

In Canada, "conservative" apparently means a group of people willing to cancel proposed tax cuts in an effort to up government revenue and decrease the deficit.

"We will stop the reckless tax reductions that go far beyond what we can afford or are targeted on the wrong direction," Tory leader David Alward said Friday.

The tax cuts were passed by the current Liberal government.

Liberal Greg Byrne called Alward's promise "erratic" and said cancelling the legislated tax reductions could threaten investment in the province.

"When you talk to the CEOs, they look at what's happening in New Brunswick," Byrne said. "They're paying attention. They compare provinces, they compare the level of taxation."

But when reporters asked Byrne how the economic spinoff from lower taxes would bring down the deficit he wouldn't say.

He said the Liberal deficit-reduction plan could include spending cuts in areas other than health, seniors and education.

But he wouldn't name a department or program that might see its funding slashed.

Just to recap: the Liberal Party in New Brunswick is the one wanting to cut corporate tax rates and making vague promises to cut government spending and reduce the deficit without even trying to provide specifics, while the Progressive Conservatives are the ones pledging higher corporate tax rates aimed directly at deficit reduction.

Seriously, it's like Bizarro World up here.

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