God Dammit

I was going to title this post 'We Are All Easy-E Now', but Cole beat me to the damn reference.

The video in question, which has gone semi-viral already across the political blogosphere (and on all bands of the spectrum, thankfully), was originally posted by Radley Balko over at Reason as a follow-up to an earlier piece he did on the raid before the video was available.

And yeah, the remarkable thing is not that it happened -- it happens every day in America -- but that it was caught on video at all, and that the video made it out to the public.

And yeah, whenever I hear about something like this, it makes me want to hide inside David Baerwald's Triage album, specifically the song Nobody.

This is why, when Glenn Beck or some Tea Party speaker use the word tyranny with regard to something like health care reform, they are so transparently full of shit.

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