Scratch One Off the Bucket List

Last night, the most amazing thing happened. Someone actually tried to pull the 'keep making change until the other person screws up' con on me.

If you watched Cheers back in the day, you know the routine. Guy came into the store and bought the smallest thing he could find, a little windup toy, with a $50 bill. For his kid, donchaknow. After I gave him his change, he apologized and said he just realized he had small bills after all, and could he get his $50 back. He then slowly counted out a pile of $5's (slowly, because he'd had a stroke, donchaknow) and handed them over. I put the $50 on the counter next to them and counted the pile. It came to $45.

Oh, I'm sorry, he said. I had a stroke. He added another $5 to the pile, then stacked them on top of the $50 and quickly said, hey, why don't you just give me five $20's for the whole thing?

It was all I could do not to laugh at him.

I've had plenty of people try the "my car broke down just over that hill there and I need bus fare and it's getting dark and scary and there are wolves chasing me" routine before (to the point that I even critiqued one guy's performance, since he seemed really nervous about the whole thing. I don't think he appreciated it), but never that classic short-changing scam before. I feel like I can retire now.

For the record, the $50 bill (which is what I ended up with) did not seem to be counterfeit.

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  1. You need a better bucket list, dahlink. I have a counterfeit $10 I can show you. Yes, I got conned, but in my defense it was at a concert at Ontario Place, dark and crowded. In the cold light of the next day, at a convenience store, it was... well, a little embarrassing.