Scott Stapp Is No David Hasselhoff

The Marlins commissioned former Creed lead drinkersinger Scott Stapp to create an inspiring theme song for the team. Instead, he gave them this:

On the unintentional comedy scale it's not a bad effort at all. The mental image of a three-quarter ton fish soaring gracefully through the air is hella stupid, and Stapp's We Didn't Start the Fire-esque litany of random baseball terms in the second verse makes you wonder if he's ever actually seen a game of baseball, or just did a Google search.

But what's with the video? So disappointing. At the very least, I want Stapp green-screening himself into some footage and hitting a home run or making a diving catch. Or better still, being the first guy to run in and hug Josh Beckett after they won their second World Series. I mean, he's already got the jersey with 'Stapp' on the back.

Scott, buddy, if you want to be taken seriously as an ironic rock icon (and let's be honest, that might be your only remaining shot at staying relatively famous) you are really going to have to step it up a notch.

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