By the Hairy Hosts of Hoggoth!

I'm finally pulling the trigger and getting my hair cut short. Appointment booked for Thursday.

This is a Bidenesque BFD. I've had long hair forever. I enjoy having flowing rock 'n' roll locks, and feeling the breeze blow it back. And my head toss to get the bangs out of my eyes is legendary in Toronto karaoke circles.

But I've also got gray creeping in at the temples, and that's as good a sign as any that it is time to put away childish things and get a more grown-up 'do. I mean, long hair and gray temples together is just douchey. I'd feel like a Bruce McCullogh character.

The funny thing from my perspective is that anyone I've mentioned this to just says, "Well then dye your hair", as though I'm worried about going gray. I've got no problem with going gray. In fact, I'm looking forward to rocking the Dr. Strange look (although, since I don't do mustaches or capes, maybe I should call it the Reed Richards look instead.) I just can't do it and have long hair at the same time.

What this means for the rest of the world is that long hair is about to make a big comeback as a respectable hairstyle. I am almost always completely out of synch with prevailing trends.

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