Random Thoughts From a Random Thursday

- in the future karaoke songbooks will have interactive, video game-like features, so that certain artists can only be unlocked once you'd proven you're ready for them. And by 'certain artists', I mean Queen.

- got talked into a dangerous Artist/Title combo play using my karaoke deck last night at Tequila. The result (Artist G, Song Title K) actually produced three possible outcomes: Kissing a Fool by George Michael, Keep Your Hands To Yourself by the Georgia Satellites and Knockin' On Heaven's Door by GNR. (Plus, had I known it at all, Kicking and Screaming by Garth Brooks.) You can see on the left which one I went with.

Jason's nights (or Richie's, since they use the same book) and Steve-O's are about the only places I'd dare try that though. Other books just aren't deep enough for those kind of shenanigans.

- bumped into Patrick on my way out of Tequila. He's re-launching his bar. Sweet! Given that Tequila is on Adelaide, half a block from Croc Rock, that should be enough info for some people to guess which bar it is I'm talking about.

-also bumped into a certain old friend/fling/whatever the hell that was at Tequila. (It was an eventful random Thursday.) She was her usual self at karaoke, which is to say drunk and... hmm, I was going to say flirty, but that's not exactly the right word. The more accurate term would be unkind, so I won't say it.

The point is, she's exactly the sort of woman I would have fallen for hard once upon a time (she's rather ridiculously hot, and sends out that 'help I need rescuing' vibe), but as of last night I think I can safely say those days are behind me.

It also bodes well for the new thing that's started up in the last week or so...

What, you thought I wasn't posting much because of work, getting ready to move and the fact that my current pad more closely resembles a DMZ? Pshaw.

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